A List of Characters

  • The Queen of Mars (real hometown is Montreal, Quebec), a woman who gets pathetic “Nice Guys” to do her bidding, up to and including petty crimes.
  • A 7 year old boy named Tyler with an overactive imagination whose life and thought process have been completely changed ever since he discovered the Laptop Gun in Perfect Dark.
  • A disenfranchised twenty-something who wants his life to play out like a terrible movie. To achieve this, he’s a heavy smoker who aimlessly drives around at night listening to Morrissey, hoping the right “quirky” girl comes along.
  • A thirty four year old wife and mother of two who’s completely content with her life, until she ends up fucking one of her co-workers in the backseat of a Honda.
  • An insecure control freak manager of a health food store just now finding out that her employees consider her to be a complete bitch and now wants to change her ways while still being Large and In Charge.
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