Dream Journal: X XXth, 20XX

I am back at the apartment I grew up in. This is unusual, since this apartment is all the way in New Jersey, and for the last seventeen years, I’ve lived here in Colorado (I moved here when I was six). Anyways. I’m back here at this apartment with a former co-worker of mine: a gorgeous Indian woman a few years younger than me. The two of us end up in my old bedroom, which is completely empty aside from some basic furniture, and begin having sex. About mid-way through the act, she stops me. She begins asking me downright bizarre medical questions: how does one properly rehabilitate a broken leg? What are the beginning steps for attempting to treat childhood Leukemia? In reality, I do not know the answers to these questions; I’m not a doctor. In the dream world, though, I seem to know the answers to everything, and have no problem with stopping what I’m doing to help her. Although, upon hearing myself, it sounds less like I actually know the answers and more like I’m just talking out of my ass. We sit up in bed, leaning back against a wall while holding each other. We watch, amusingly, as a small creature emerges from an open closet and quickly bolts from the bedroom.

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