The State of Rock and Roll Strikes Back Dot Com

I’ve spent a lot more time posting on Tumblr than I have been on here. The main (and really, only) reason being that there are two hundred and twenty more people following me there than on here. But Tumblr is, in all sincerity, absolute shit. Having to deal with restrictions on what you can post, the filesizes of what you can post, dealing with Tumblr’s barely functional UI that frequently crashes and goes down, dealing with one of the worst online communities this side of Reddit, and, the Straw that broke the Camel’s Back, people stealing my work and passing it off as their own, have worn down my patience and nerves to a fine nub. And considering how I spend actual, real life money to keep this site online, I might as well, you know, actually use it. So expect a lot more posts here as I begin to wind down and wean folks off of Atlus Shrugged dot Tumblr dot com.

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