Cool Things This Week

In an attempt to keep this site updated on a consistent basis, I’m starting a new weekly feature. Every Saturday, I’ll share some Cool Things and Good Stuff I found on the internet. I’ll try and post things that have actually been made and released during the week, but I may slip in something older if I think it’s warranted.


Mary Jane, My Other Lover
My buddy’s fiancee, also the author of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution, wrote a really neat, interesting little article about Snowboarding and Fucking while high.

New Episode of Chronturbo
The NEC PC-Engine is one of my absolute favorite vid con devices, and Dr. Sparkle is a funny and informative dude who is playing through each game released for the system in the order of their release date. The section at the end on Blazing Lasers in particular is a high point.

Incredibly in-depth Final Fantasy Legend II guide
I still don’t have a fucking clue how to play Final Fantasy Legend II.

Japanese artist on Pixiv draws artwork of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, scares sensitive people on Tumblr
Tumblr is a Toilet.





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