Dream Journal: June 12, 2013

At some point in time, my city decided to no longer operate as a Democracy. Now all of our city’s decisions were made by a giant who lived underneath a massive green tarp. Nobody seemed to have an issue with the fact that we were being ordered around by a dictator several stories tall, except for myself and one of my friends (a short Asian woman who was really into music and drawing); we both thought it was bullshit and that there had to be some sort of grand conspiracy at work here. So the two of us got to work looking for clues as to what was going on and how to stop it.

The first thing we did was go to the local movie theater. The movie that we saw was called, “All Of Your High School Memories,” with my name on the poster. The film would play out as such: a sequence of events that have never occurred in my life would play, then the movie would stop and a text overlay would ask, “DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN THIS HAPPENED?” No. The answer was always no. This repeated for several minutes, before the rest of the crowd grew restless and started a brawl in the theater. During the fracas, a trap door next to the screen had popped open. My friend went in to see what was on the other side.

It looked like the inside of a body. A lot of membrane and tissue and stuff like that that would beat and pulse under our feet. And instead of people, it was inhabited by Lovecraftian type creatures scurrying about. They were tending to a large heart in the center of the room, trying to give it food and petting it like a dog. We tried to sneak around, so the monsters couldn’t see us, but we weren’t good enough, as they soon found us anyway. We ran, trying to find an escape, and the monsters gave chase.

During the chase, I had gotten separated from my partner. I eventually found a pathway out that lead into the back of a grocery store. I was relieved that the chase ended the moment I stepped back out into the regular world. Leaving the store, I tried to think of a way to find my friend, and hoped that nothing bad had happened to her. But before I could do that, the Giant rose from underneath the tarp, pointed directly at me, and bellowed, “SOMEONE NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF THIS MOTHERFUCKER RIGHT HERE!” People around me began getting closer and closer, on the verge of attack, when I was suddenly warped away into a shopping mall.

I’m relieved to see my missing friend in front of me as soon as I get my bearings. She tells me that she was the one who brought me here, using a device she found while we were separated. It looks like a large metal detector, and I’m told it’s what’s used to transport people or large objects from one place to another instantaneously. She then pulls out a white tube, which she breaks in two. The tube is a smaller version of the device I came through, and we each one half of it to send items to one another if we’re too far apart again. But we need to test it out and make sure it still works now that it’s in two. So we decide to test it out in the most responsible, mature, adult way possible as she puts her mouth on her end of the tube, and I have to go find someplace private and stick my dick in the end of my tube.

Unfortunately, by the time I find a place, everyone in the mall now knows who we are and are pursuing us at the behest of the Giant. We meet up again, and get out of the crowded mall as soon as we can. Luckily, nobody chases after us this time. We find a bus outside. The driver informs us that he’s driving to Ohio, and that our ride is free of charge. As the bus starts up, we take our seats and wonder what our next adventure is going to be.

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