PC-98: Marble Cooking (Negative/1994)


Marble Cooking is a cutesy puzzle game that I nabbed off of the Japanese PC Compendium while blindly clicking on any download links to shooters or games that looked like shooters (Rude Breaker and Flame Zapper Kotsujin in particular are really fun).

It’s a pretty simple title: your anime girl protagonist places a magic pentagram on the floor at the press of a button, and as she walks around the level, she leaves a trail of carrots behind. Pressing the button a second time summons a rabbit from the pentagram to follow the line of carrots and will kill any enemy, represented by flying books and brooms that walk in preset patterns, in its path. Overall, it’s decently fun and it looks okay aside from some choppy animation.


Then once you finish level 1-3 (and every three levels after), this happens:




Uh huh.

Okay, so what happens when we beat level 1-9, ending the whole 1- series?





Yeah, sure, why not? Doing sex things with a Lovecraftian monstrosity is honestly pretty tame in the world of Japanese Porno Games. The chick fucking the pencil case was more disturbing.

Play Rude Breaker and Flame Zapper Kotsujin.

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