Pie in the Sky Business Ideas

  • A Travel Agency that sends misogynist Anime fanatics with Yellow Fever over to Japan to learn the horrible truth that Japanese women will reject them as readily as the ones from their native country.
  • An Enigmatic Thinktank that does nothing but send harshly worded emails to Nintendo repeatedly telling them that the “beeping alarm” sound effect that plays every time you’re low on health in The Legend of Zelda is actually really annoying.
  • A Movie Theater that offers free admission to Foxconn employees. It only ever shows one film: the upcoming biopic, Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher. In theaters August 16th!
  • A Casting Agency where all of the clients are cats rescued from the homes featured on Hoarders.
  • A Wikipedia-esque database dedicated to helping you remember pieces of media that you only have the vaguest reminder of. Like that one song, you know, “do do do do do do do dododo,” remember that one?
  • Or that one cartoon with the talking dog? He solved mysteries and stuff. No, not Scooby Doo! It was something else. Fuckin’ A, what was it called?
  • A Counseling Center where all of the counselors are the stars of successful viral videos. I want you to imagine that kid from the “Going Super Saiyan” video on YouTube becoming the life coach for like a Manic Depressive from Ohio or something.
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