Retail Memorabilia part three

Today we’re looking at a pair of Official Sony PlayStation 3 Lanyards I received at some unknown date.

This first one is just a generic “PLAYSTATION 3” lanyard. Nothing really all too special. The Jack Frost plushie I got with my copy of Devil Summoner 2 will be modeling these off. They don’t really fit him, but Lord Bless Him, he’s trying.


The next is a bit more special. It’s a promotional lanyard to promote the, at the time, upcoming Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. I used to own two of these at one point; I gave the other one to a friend. The very same one that’s been making up a bulk of the “Dream” tag because I’m a fucked up little weirdo.


NEXT TIME: I go through my storage bins in an attempt to find either a) a series of large thick cards promoting LittleBigPlanet, all of whom can be put together to make a segmented poster, or b) a small artbook for Resistance 2.

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