XBox 360: Dead Rising 2 (Capcom/2010)

On Friday, Dead Rising 2 was given out as a free download for XBox Live Gold Members, so I thought I’d check it out.

I was liking it quite a bit, actually. The combat is satisfying, the “combo weapon” feature is a lot better implemented than the photography mechanic of the first game, the store names and lines of dialogue are funny. It’s something I would normally recommend, especially for its price (or lack thereof).

Then you run into this guy:


Dean Wayne.

When you go to rescue him, he tells you that his legs aren’t in the best of shape, due to his being a war veteran. And when Chuck, DR2’s protagonist, offers to carry him, he reacts with a childish, “eugh no i don’t want another man touching me” and you get to watch his slow, one legged ass slowly crawl its way back to the safehouse. Meanwhile, the time limit on your side missions and main missions are running out and you get to reload your save file and realize in horror that you just lost an hour’s worth of progress because of “No Homo.”

Fuck Dead Rising 2 it’s garbage fucking 0/10

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