Music Compilation: I just threw some stuff together

I mentioned this a few posts back that my external hard drive went kaput. Said hard drive is where I kept all of my music, so I haven’t put together any music compilations as a result. So I just took all the music I put onto my Playstation 3 from 2008-early 2010 and threw into a zip folder. There’s like fifty songs on there so I didn’t put up a stream this time around, just a download link. You may notice a few interesting choices on here, this is because of two reasons: 1) I was in a very strange place in my life in 2009, a phase I may actually write about some day as opposed to saying I’ll write about it and instead post some dumb bull shit about video games or whatever and 2) I owned a copy of WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 for a few weeks and I needed some theme music for the custom wrestlers I made.

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  • Ling Tosite Sigure- Akai Yuuwaku
  • Buffalo Daughter- Beautiful You
  • Beastie Boys- Ch-check It Out
  • DANGEROUS MEZASHI CAT- Cheetah In The Dark (Cheetahmen Alternative Mix Ossan Version)
  • Architecture in Helsinki- Debbie
  • Iceman- Galaxy Gang
  • Demi Lovato- Get Back
  • Lifeseeker- Gone Guru
  • Genki Rockets- Heavenly Star
  • The Sounds- Home is Where the Heart is
  • The Strokes- Is This It?
  • Team Teamwork- Jay-Z’s “Lucifer” (Mako Reactor)
  • The Blue Hearts- Jounetsu No Ibara
  • Konami Kukeiha Club- Advance Immediacy
  • Redman and Oh No- Lay You Out
  • Panda Riot- Marker
  • Mirror’s Edge Theme
  • The Pillows- My Foot
  • Hello- Back in the New York Groove
  • Corniche Camomille- Onion Soup Crazy
  • Teddybears w/Iggy Pop- Punk Rocker
  • Dakota Star- Regret
  • The Strokes- Last Night
  • Demi Lovato- Remember December
  • The Beatles- Revolution
  • The Sounds- Seven Days A Week
  • ikd-sj- SIREN: Blood Curse (Ending)
  • Hanaeryca- Someday
  • Norman Greenbaum- Spirit in the Sky
  • Capsule- Stay With You
  • Hazel Nuts Chocolate- Swing Life
  • Hideki Kaji- Tea
  • Lily Allen- The Fear
  • Men Without Hats- The Safety Dance
  • Rush- Tom Sawyer (I bought Space Invaders Infinity Gene and wanted to recreate that scene from Futurama I’m sorry)
  • Plastic Parachute- Tres Chic
  • Demi Lovato- Two Worlds Collide
  • Maximum the Hormone- What’s Up People!?
  • Kaela Kimura- You Know You Love Me?
  • The Strokes- Someday
  • Peter, Bjorn and John- Young Folks
  • TM Network- Your Song
  • Maximum the Hormone- Zetsubo Billy
  • DANGEROUS MEZASHI CAT- -Howling Cheetah- (Cheetahmen 99 Mix)
  • Dakota Star- Children of the Revolution
  • Demi Lovato- Trainwreck

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