James' Dream Diary: Entry #1820F

I’m outside a large military installation, working maintenance on a tank. Apparently, I am in charge of a small squad of soldiers, and we’re about to enter into combat with an unknown enemy. I’m just making some small preparations before we fight.

While I’m working, an older Japanese gentlemen approaches me. He tells me a story, which transitions into a Twilight Zone styled war flashback (the kind in which only three people are on screen at once while sound effects play in the background). He had fought in a previous war with my father, who had murdered his entire village. This old man was the only survivor of that massacre. Immediately I had felt sorry for this man, and grew reluctant to fight. I extend my hand to him, and apologize for my fathers’ actions.

Later, my squad comes out for their briefing. I tell them:

“We’re going out there to fight and to kill. We do this because we are horrible, we human beings. Our job is to bring misery and suffering to the rest of the world.”

I turn and look at the old man.

“Although we regret our actions in the past, we must press on. Beauty only exists to be destroyed.”

We then pick up our guns and begin to march.

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