"Review" of my 3DS Camera (NSFW)

I’m just posting a lot of photos these days so fuck it, here’s a post about pictures I’ve been taking with my 3DS XL.

As far as the actual camera itself, it’s…decent, I guess. Images are saved at a pretty tiny resolution, taking motion shots is all but impossible, the zoom is pretty bad. If it were a stand-alone camera, it would be terrible. But since it’s a gaming device that also happens to have a camera, I’m not really going to complain, especially since the 3DS itself is so fucking good.

Here’s some pictures I took of some dogs I was taking care of, complete with juvenile text I wrote in with the touch screen:

HNI_0012 (1)



Now let’s get to what you all came to see; let’s get a little blue!

HNI_0043 (1)


HNI_0041 (1)

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