Cultural Confession #4


When I was a teenager, about fifteen or sixteen I think, I used to read a lot of slash fanfiction. Funnily enough, the only kind I read were stories based on Metal Gear Solid. I didn’t care about fanfiction for other game series, anime, movies or tv shows. I was just really into the idea of Solid Snake, Otacon and Raiden fucking, whether all together or separate (Metal Gear Solid 3 hadn’t come out yet (I’m really dating myself on that one), so there’s was no Young Ocelot or anyone else).

And, like I just said, I didn’t (and still don’t) care much for fanfiction, or the concept of fanfiction. I’ve always been one of those people. The “just write your own original story Jesus Christ” kind of guy. Yet I always gave an exception to Metal Gear. If you wrote stories about Solid Snake with a boner, I wanted to check it out. The discovery of Metal Gear slash fanfiction was probably the first time in my life I ever gave thought to being interested in the same gender, as weird and as, let’s be honest, embarrassing as that sounds.

Despite reading and re-reading these stories, there are only two I have any slight recall of.

The first one involved Snake (as J.G Plissken) and Otacon hanging out on the Big Shell’s heliport, doing maintenance on the Kasatka helicopter, waiting for Raiden to hurry up and like, kill Fatman or something. So while they’re waiting, Solid Snake gets a boner and is all, “hey Otacon let’s get it on.” And Otacon’s all, “sure why not?” It’s only memorable to me because it was the first time that the thought of man-on-man action was appealing to me. I read through the story and all of a sudden, hey, my pants just got a bit tighter! It was pretty cool to young me.

The second one was less “this is hot” and more “ha ha ha this is shit.” It was during MGS1, and it had Revolver Ocelot, ain’t even kidding, raping Otacon in the electric torture device and infecting him with the AIDS virus. Okay first of all, idiot author from years ago, it was Snake that Ocelot strapped in the device because I wore out the fucking circle button on my Playstation controller trying to get through that segment and get the bandana at the end. Second of all, fuck me for even writing that last sentence. Anyways it was supposed to be this sad/”romantic” story about Snake and Otacon living with a terrifying supervirus. It sucked and look man, I was just in this for the masturbation material, all right?

I got a bit older, and went from made up sex with video game characters to just watching actual gay porn (mixed with the straight kind because I just wasn’t sure), and not looking at a piece of fanfiction since. It was the end of an era.

5 thoughts on “Cultural Confession #4”

  1. I used to read a bit myself, though not any video game character related ones that I can recall. Do you still read any erotic fiction? I have on occasion. A good one still gets my jimmies rustled. The only downside to me is that I get lazy, and they require more of the imagination than a porn video does. haha

  2. I don’t read any, no. Unless you count the lame ass captions that sometimes appear in Tumblr photosets. I’m more of an audio guy these days.

  3. Nah I’m talking about things with an emphasis on like, dirty talking and moaning and groaning and all that. There is/was some blog someone linked to that I forgot the name of and didn’t bookmark because I’m an idiot that was just audio recording of dudes in the act. On paper, it sounds completely asinine. But when I started listening in, I just thought to myself, “Hey this works.”

  4. Hah, that seems pretty interesting. I’m also a fan of the “getting into it” aspect, but I’ve never really considered audio-only versions. I’ll have to give that a try.

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