Childish Drawings

In my fifth grade art class, we were all given our own sketchbooks for drawing assignments in. All of our actual art assignments had to be torn out and turned in, so you won’t get to see my attempts at drawing flowers or anything. Instead you get to see all the weird messed up doodles my small mind could come up with. Needless to say, me being so fucked up isn’t a recent development.


Here’s the cover. I edited out my last name, and maybe I also should have edited out that massive spelling error.



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2 thoughts on “Childish Drawings”

  1. It seems your sociopathic tendencies began at a young age. When did you move on to the real thing? ;P

    At that age, about all I can remember is drawing Dragon Ball characters killing each other, with the addition of foul cursing, which got me sent to the principal when found by my teacher.

  2. I moved onto the real thing at the age of [REDACTED COURT CASES STILL PENDING]. It was real good stuff.

    I stopped drawing things with that level of detail (what little there is) after I left elementary school (I had been discouraged pretty hard from pursuing art during my last year). After that, I spent a lot of time in middle school drawing stick figures either beating each other with steel chairs and barbed wire baseball bats; ECW had finally gotten a TV deal in my area and it changed me for a time.

    I actually have a few drawing I did as an adult. And by drawing I mean some bullshit scribbled in a notebook when I was stoned and bored. I’ll have to find and scan those at some point.

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