Armored Core: Verdict Day (FROM Software/2013)


It takes roughly five hours to download off the Playstation Store. Then you have to download a couple of updates immediately after, one of which is almost 1 gig in size. There’s a tutorial that teaches you the basics and makes you want to continue playing on, until you realize that it’s 2 AM and you’re tired and you end up passing out while coming up with a name for your squad of giant robots.

The next day you’ll go to play it, then download¬†another¬†large ass update. Then you’ll receive a text message from your mother begging you for help with an arduous task and you can’t say no because it’s your mom and hahahahaha you will never be able to play Armored Core: Verdict Day. People bang on about Dark Souls being inaccessible but hey at least you can actually load it up.

Final Score: 10/10

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