Leaving Town

Every few months or so, I head up to a small part of DenverĀ to visit family. Depending on the traffic, it’s anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour to get there, and once I do, there is dick all to do there after I’m done visiting. The roads aren’t very good (ain’t even kidding: you have to go from 60 to 20 in a matter of a few feet once you pull in from the highway), it’s mostly filled with old people and/or meth heads, and the one real attraction is a water park that closed down ten years ago. It sucks.

And yet, it is the only place I can get 3DS Streetpasses. I live in a massive series of apartment complexes, near a public park, a wildlife preservation, four schools, a shopping center that includes a Target and a Gamestop, and I am apparently the only person in the area who owns a Nintendo 3DS. But when I’m up here, I just get hit after hit after hit. When I was there yesterday, I got four, which is about one trillion by comparison.

And I was lucky, because three of those hits had Sreetpass data for Animal Crossing. Since I’m currently looking for certain pieces of furniture, I was pumped. Two of the houses were completely empty and the third one was this hoarders-like disaster. What a freakin’ letdown.


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