3 thoughts on “Sword of Moonlight follow-up”

  1. Interesting. Continues to remind me a bit of the Legend of Grimrock. I fiddled with Grimrock’s editor; it’s pretty intuitive. If you’re decent with Lua scripting, you can basically make your own completely new game with it.

    Is there going to be a main theme/story to this project of yours? I’ve never played the King’s Field games. I guess they hold up? Would you recommend a particular one?

  2. I’ve never heard of Legend of Grimrock until now. Maybe I oughta check it out at some point.

    There’s no continuous plot to our project. I’m doing my own little story, and I assume everyone else is too. For all I know, the levels before mine could be a lava cave, or a spiral tower, or it could have the same environment graphics as mine.

    Start with either King’s Field US (it’s actually King’s Field II, but since we never got the first one, the series uses the Final Fantasy style of numbering things), or King’s Field IV. They’re the best ones in the series, and both contain references to Dark Souls (the other way around, actually) that you’ll probably get a kick out of.

  3. Legend of Grimrock ended up being a real surprise hit for me. I gave it a try on a whim and loved it. It’s basically a well-made modern version of the classic grid-based dungeon crawler, which doesn’t sound as fun as it actually is. There are also a lot of custom level/story packs that have been made by users (which you can find on Nexus), really good ones too, so it does have the potential for a lot of replay.

    Thanks for the suggestions on King’s Field. I’m going to check them out. I’ve been wanting a nice adventure game lately; maybe these will scratch that itch. Hopefully my addled brain won’t find them too difficult!

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