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I was thinking about that series of Twitter screencaps I posted earlier. This blog has around since 2008, and my Tumblr and Twitter accounts since 2010, but I’ve had other sites prior to this. I’ve been around, having some semblance of an internet presence; people have known who I am, for almost ten years. Mostly as a shithead troll pissing off the retro games community, but still. If there is a name or an insult you can think of, I’ve been called it at one point.

But at no point in time, have I ever been called “fake” or “disingenuous.” My “credentials,” so to speak, have never been called into question. Which is funny: I beat Halo 3 on the hardest difficulty. I’m master level prestige in Black Ops 2. Two games that aren’t exactly well liked amongst the “Hardcore” crowd The first page of this very blog features a picture of me in my underwear, and I’m posting another one here because fuck you.


Most of the games I’ve posted about either here, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal, or my two previous dot coms, I don’t actually own, emulating or illegally torrenting them. I made animated gifs just because other people asked; there’s no fucking way I would ever play Bubsy 3D if I wasn’t going to get something out of it (notes). I literally played video games for attention. I’m really no different than PewDiePie, DarkSydePhil, or JonTron. You know, guys who are definitely in it for the love of the game. Other than the type of content I produce and the fact that I’m not a millionaire or a bigoted sack of shit, of course.

And yet nobody has ever called me fake. I check off every box on the big, bad, metaphorical list that the dreaded “Fake Gamer Girl” falls into, and I have never gotten shit for it. Nobody is posting my Social Security Number on 4chan. Nobody has hacked my Twitter account. I don’t receive a daily torrent of abuse designed to get me permanently offline. On one hand, that’s great. I’m extremely lucky that I can be an openly gay dude playing and discussing games on the internet, with a fairly big following to boot with no problem. On the other hand, it’s fucking bull shit that I can just post anything I want willy-nilly, while other people get a digital lynch mob sicced on them simply because they’re “The Other.” It’s not fair to them that they have to be extra careful with what they post online because some sexist fuck still fuming over not having a prom date has an axe to grind with an entire gender.

In short: Fuck Gamers. Fuck hypocrisy. Fuck The Man. Fuck The Men too, if you catch my drift.

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  1. Gah. I very much agree with your sentiments, but gosh, I keep staring at your bulge. Every time I come here… You damn fake gamer!

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