Monster Hunter Update: Khezu

Today, I’ve been having problems with a particular hunting quest. This mother fucker right here, Khezu:



Its attacks include: stunlocking you on the reg, sapping like three-quarters of your life with attacks that clearly missed by a mile, and just generally killing me a lot and pissing me off.


Originally, I was going to post this screencap and say, “YEAH I BEAT HIM! I BEAT HIM…in a training battle that has no bearing on my in-game progress.” And then physically demolish my PSP in an instantly-regrettable fit of rage.


But then, something magical happened. A slow, plodding, dull as shit battle that took forever and was just me running in circles, stopping to hit it in the head once, then running away again. But I killed it. And now I can get back to doing exciting things and having a good time.


2 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Update: Khezu”

  1. I wonder what pornstar’s anus was that thing’s face modeled after?

  2. I spent several minutes on Efukt (a site I’m pretty sure I won’t return to) just to find an answer, but I didn’t see any names, so uhhh all of them I guess.

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