Okay actual birthday post

My 3DS had some well-wishes to send me.








I got some star sunglasses and a banana split hat because I literally cannot be too juvenile when it comes to phallic imagery.

In the real world, I just went to Applebee’s with my mom. I had a burger.

3 thoughts on “Okay actual birthday post”

  1. What a cool wish! I’m totally gonna wish for that on my next birthday.

    Does that shirt say “Fuckin Mess”? I think I want that on a real shirt. Seems appropriate.

  2. Yeah, I saw this picture and just said out loud, “this needs to be an Animal Crossing shirt” and then I made it so.

    Also, shameful confession: I stole that “I wish I was dead” bit from an episode of The Oblongs.

  3. Ah haha. If I could get you a present, I’d send you that shirt along with the guy wearing it.

    I totally forgot about The Oblongs. I never got a chance to watch much of it when it came out.

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