Site Changes?

It’s almost a new year, so I was thinking about changing up the site layout, since it’s been the exact same for like three years now. Change might be a good thing.

I also wanted to get a new URL going. I mean, it’s not 2008 anymore, and I’m not some awkward nerd calling himself a punk rocker and thinking that fucking Rise Against are a good band. Rock and Roll Strikes Back sounds incredibly cringeworthy to me at this point, and I wanted something new. But for so many years, I couldn’t figure what to call it. I can’t use my real name, since it’s already been taken by a pub somewhere in England. I didn’t want to use my Tumblr URL because fuck that (and considering that I quit that site over a month ago and literally zero people from that site have spoken to me in that time, it’s very obvious that walking away and never looking back was a good decision). Then a couple nights ago I just said “fuck it, I’ll just use my Twitter handle.” James as Art dot com sounds a little less shitty, takes less time to type, and because it’s shorter, I can link to it on other outlets a lot easier.

But it turns out that the cut-off date for renewing this URL was like a week ago and I didn’t get the e-mail, so we get to keep this name for one more year. Might as well get my money’s worth, you know?

3 thoughts on “Site Changes?”

  1. You know, I never found your URL to be particularly odd. I had always just assumed it was intended to be read ironically given your sometimes acerbic retorts and witticisms. 😛 Well, like you said, might as well ride the wave since you paid for it. I’ve always hated making names for things.

  2. I meant to ask, are you thinking about any particular ideas for changing your website? Conceptual changes or primarily aesthetic/UI changes (perhaps both)?

  3. I just want a new look. A new layout, maybe some different colors. The whole “backend” (leaving comments and whatnot) will be exactly the same.

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