I'm pulling more good ass posts from the Tumblr archives

A list, from best to worst, of Rolling Thunder and Rolling Thunder-esque Titles

  • Rolling Thunder
  • The Outfoxies
  • Rough Ranger (okay not really but still)
  • Elevator Action Returns (Saturn)
  • Elevator Action Returns (Arcade)
  • Shadow Dancer (Sega Genesis)
  • Lupin Sansei- Pandora no Isan
  • Elevator Action
  • Shinobi (Arcade)
  • Shadow Dancer (Arcade)
  • Shinobi (PC Engine)
  • Codename: Viper
  • Rolling Thunder 2
  • Rolling Thunder (NES)
  • Rolling Thunder 3

let me level with you tumblr my knowledge of pop culture is so embarrassingly ignorant every time i read a “fuck tyler oakley” post i immediately think “oh no what has tyler the creator done this time”

stay tuned for my next literary masterpiece: a tijuana bible full of poorly scribbled sex scenes featuring flo from the progressive auto insurance commercials where all of the dialogue are lurid text posts pulled from twitter and tumblr made by people who want to bang aj lee.
i do not give a fuck if it is illegal to release, assuming that this book is real and not something i hallucinated due to being up too fucking late


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