This Gamer Gate shit has gone on for far too long


Scared, confused children screaming and throwing a temper tantrum over minorities “pushing an agenda” aka “existing” and realizing that they are nothing more than dinosaurs of a dark age on the verge of collapse going out in one last violent outburst that they think is a blaze of glory, but is really just an impotent whimper, exposing their shitty, maggot-ridden underside to an unknowing public in the process.

Meanwhile, game sites like IGN and Gamespot are more concerned with bringing us the hot new takes on the LittleBigPlanet 3 creative suite than they are with people in their own industry who could very well die before this is over. That’s probably what will happen! I don’t want it to happen, and I hope that I’m wrong, but I can’t shake the feeling that someone will die simply because Eron Gjoni is a fucking loser who can’t handle getting dumped, and decided to stroke the already bright flames of misogyny in video games as a form of psychopathic revenge. The only “intimacy” that dickless motherfucker needs in his life is to get intimate with the inside of a jail cell. Him and all the other Gamer Gate spokesmen out to ruin lives because they’re so full of their own shit that they look at themselves, as “gamers,” as an oppressed minority. Of course, that is only wishful thinking. They’ll be innocent in a court of law, and you can’t really punish someone in a court of morality.

Once this is all over, all these worthless cavemen grunting about social justice warriors and 7.5’s and shit will just go right on back to their games, like nothing ever happened. Because that’s all this is to them: a game, with a clear winner and a clear loser. They’ll think nothing of the lives ruined, relationships strained, careers ended; just whether or not they “won.” Zoe Quinn might as well be Sephiroth to these assholes. And the leaders of this industry, the people with the loudest voices, simply do not give a fuck. Or they do, and side with the terrorists, the bigots, and the other rancid shitstains of humanity that this world will hopefully leave behind.

Let me make something very clear: “Gamers” are not a minority. They are not a race. They are not a gender. They are not a sexual orientation. They are not a religion. They are the label given to those who consume a form of media. Skinheads will not wait outside a club so they can corner you in a dark alley and practice field goals on your face because you like Halo. You will never be followed around by overzealous security staff at a convenience store because of your choice of dress was a Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt. The President of the United States will never go on television and define marriage as a union between two people who think Street Fighter II sucks. Mike Brown was not killed by a corrupt cop because of his XBox Live Gamerscore.

Comedians on Twitter calling you a pissbaby is not oppression. Anita Sarkeesian disabling YouTube comments from people who literally want to kill her is not oppression. Brianna Wu retweeting a meme someone else made is not oppression.

But the bullshit that you’re pulling in the name of ethics? Of journalistic integrity? THAT is oppression!

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