Late Summer Night

7 P.M. A blazing Summer day was giving way to a cool, breezy night. My partner and I were sitting in the parking lot of a greasy burger joint, watching the sun set in between bites of processed meat. I go to reach out for our box of fries, but instead, I’m stopped. My girl’s head rests on my shoulder, and I respond in kind, meeting my head with hers. We sit and watch the sunset, wordlessly.

We’ve been on the road for the last three days. Two girls on a trip to some convention half a country away. The destination was irrelevant. What really mattered was the time we were spending together, free of all our responsibilities. No more having to fit time for each other in between work. No more having to go into a different room so we didn’t have to hear each other yell at our families over the phone about our “degenerate lifestyles.” It was just the two of us, listening to loud music, driving fast, and making sure that we fucked at least (but certainly not limited to) twice a day, every day, during this trip. This was our time, now.

The sun has finally set. A cool breeze blowing up the legs of our shorts is the signal for us to get out and get out again. We’re only a few hours away from our destination, anyway. If the traffic is good, we should make it by the end of the night.

We passed the time chatting endlessly about whatever came to mind: other drivers picking their noses. The names of small businesses we passed. Literally anything and everything to pass the time. As much as we were in love, being in a cramped vehicle for hours at a time could get awful boring. My girlfriend also began doing this thing where she would grab my right breast and make a “honk” noise at every red light we hit. I’m sure any other woman would find that annoying. But we’re not regular women by any means.

Our hotel is in sight. We pull in, get our room keys, unpack, and get settled. We lay together on the bed, just relaxing for a few minutes. We had all night to ourselves.

And we used that night to its fullest. Spending each precious minute admiring and exploring each others’ bodies in a way that only two people madly in love could. Running fingertips lightly across flesh, using our lips and tongues in unique and creative ways, loving the soft feeling of hair and skin, getting lost in each others’ eyes all the while.

We held our naked bodies very close that night. My partner was already asleep, her face nuzzled close to my neck. I closed my eyes, wishing, if only to my inner voice, that this vacation would never end.

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