reclaim the white rhino

There exists in this country, underneath a secret bunker under the White House (it is a secret under another secret), a highly advanced artificial intelligence (a.i) known as the White Rhino. It has, for the last forty-two years, eight months, sixteen days, three hours, ten minutes and seven seconds, been heavily influencing the public’s behavior; its social trends, tastes and fashions. Through the use of messages, both subliminal and blatant (commercials, magazine advertisements, etc), the White Rhino has kept the American public well placated and has kept a friendly disposition towards the Leaders of the United States.

This morning, The Agent received a message from The Scientist:

reclaim the white rhino

This is the mission. This is the task set forth. The Agent is to enter the President’s underground bunker. Under the guise of a cable repairman, The Agent has entered the bunker. The President’s cable is out, you see. The Agent places a black box on top of the President’s television, which plays a live message from The Scientist.

“Mr. President, we are here to stop you. The White Rhino is old and out of touch. Neither you nor the White Rhino know what the people want anymore. Which is why we are shutting you down. And Mr. President, there is nothing you can do to stop us.

Reclaim the White Rhino.”

Once the message was finished, the power went out. Forever.

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