It's hard to write

I haven’t really been doing a whole lot of writing lately. It’s not like I haven’t had any good ideas or anything like; I do! There’s a big list of unfinished drafts sitting in a folder, and numerous ideas swirling in my head at any given moment. But when I decide to finally sit down and put these ideas out there, they completely break down. Suddenly, that asshole known as Self Doubt makes his appearance and ensures that I┬ástop writing just as soon as I start. I just hit “save draft,” assure myself that I’ll come back to it “when I have my ideas together,” then never actually do any of this. It’s easier to do something less taxing, like play Monster Hunter with my online friends, a topic that I’ve wanted to write about!

And of course, I realize that I write about this exact topic every few months, do nothing, then magically make something out of thin air. Let me tell you something: that is extremely frustrating! Like, no, fuck, I want to be creative right now! Not next week, or on a Wednesday at three in the morning. If this were a job, I would have been fired a long time ago for incompetence.

So I don’t know, I guess I’ll just dick around until something comes along. Whatever.

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