On Nolan North and celebrity justification of transphobia

[Editor’s note: this was originally a series of tweets I made, so please forgive any typographical errors that may come up]

Hello to my wonderful, amazing, beautiful cis gender friends. There is something I need to let you all know. *puts baseball hat on backwards*

Transphobia is a bad, horrible, terrible, no good, very bad thing that dehumanizes us at best, and beats and kills us at worst. To you, this may just be bad words on Twitter or a tasteless halloween costume, but the sad reality is far more grim for us in the trenches. Now, some dumbfuck teenager with 10 twitter followers using the T-word can probably be left alone; they may grow up, but if you’re a well-known celebrity with an audience that goes well into the tens of thousands, you have a responsibility to not be an ass. Making a shitty joke, no matter how minor, justifies the behavior and thought patterns of literally thousands of people who want me dead. This is even worse for non-white trans people (also non-white cis people, obviously, but I’m focusing on trans issues here).

So when our reactions to people like this is “hey go fuck yourself you dumb son of a bitch.” Please understand this anger is all we have (if someone’s posting their address or making death threats, that’s clearly out of line and should not be tolerated, of course).

This is going on a little long, so let me leave you with this: always always always always listen to an affected group. We’re usually right. And as far at the Nolan North’s of the world go? If he’s not an asshole, he’ll learn from this. But apparently this isn’t his first rodeo; Notice how Bernie Sanders didn’t double down & turn into a klan member? It sucks but sometimes your feelings have to get hurt before you grow.

*turns hat back around* I love you guys. Now why don’t you go on outside and toss the ol’ pigskin around?

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