Music Compilation: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Tactical Espionage Operations

I got The Phantom Pain as a birthday gift, and I’ve been liking it. It owns. Well, everything except for all the parts with Quiet. Those parts are fucking stupid.

Another part I’ve been taking issue with is the choice of music. “She Blinded Me With Science?” Billy Idol? No thanks, Kojima.

With that in mind, I put together my own playlist for the game. My choices either a) had some sort of tie to Metal Gear’s Banksy-level “war is bad, and not good” message, b) were just awesome 80s songs, or c) AN ACTUAL DAVID BOWIE SONG. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Miche Ure’s cover of “The Man Who Sold The World,” but if you’re going to tease my dick with David Bowie references, actually give me David Bowie!

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