Mixtape for June 2011

I’ve put together a ten track compilation (or mixtape, as the cool kids refer to it). Depending on the reaction it gets, this may end becoming a monthly thing (with a different theme each month, of course).

For lack of a better name, I went with my “[A] [B] for [A] People” routine and simply called it, “Lonely Music for Lonely People.” It should be obvious upon listening why I chose the songs that I did.

click on the Gun of Justice to take a listen

Tracklisting is as follows:

Motoro Faam– …And Precipitation
jaspertine– Good Night and Good Luck
Opoona OST– Tokione
NuNu– Alb
Laura Gibson And Ethan Rose – Younger
Akira Kosemura – Light
The Delgados – Witness
Jens Lekman – Rocky Dennis’ Farewell Song
Reviving Cecilia – Rise
Ballboy – There Is More To Life Than Sleeping And Eating

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