Let’s Go All The Way

The Insane Clown Posse gets a lot of really harsh criticisms. All of which are completely deserved, I should add. Their music sucks, and the two of them are complete assholes with no real redeeming qualities to them. I mean, no decent human being thinks that reducing a rape victim to tears during an episode of Loveline is the right thing to do, you know? Plus there’s that whole “knowingly and brazenly cultivating a violent fanbase that has since been labeled a gang by the FBI” thing.

But they do have one good thing going for them: their producer, Mike Clark. Underneath all the bullshit songs about fucking dead bodies and murdering women because why the hell not, a good majority of their songs have a pretty solid beat to them. You pair Clark up with a musician that’s actually worth their salt, and you could very well have a hit on your hands. He’s already done work with George Clinton and Tech9ine, so there’s a precedent set there.

Mike Clark’s work goes a long towards explaining why “Let’s Go All The Way” is not just the ICP’s only good song (unironically speaking), but is also able to stand on its own merits as an individual track.

But before I get into that, let’s get into a little backstory: “Let’s Go All The Way” is a cover. The original was released in 1985 by a duo named Sly Fox. It was a Billboard top ten song for a time. Unfortunately, Sly Fox couldn’t replicate that level of success with their other music, and ended up as a one-hit wonder. It’s a good song, with a really catchy beat, and definitely deserved its spot on the top ten list. The story goes that Violent J heard this song on a cheap “80s hits” cassette tape, and decided to cover it, and now here we are.

As far as ICP’s version goes, it owns. Clark did an excellent job taking the original backing track, and putting his own spin on it. Naturally, with ICP being a “horror-rap” group, the synthesizer has to sound more sinister than the original, which sounds hokey on paper, but manages to work here. The lyrics have been changed up as well, but are free of the usual shrieky crap about “choppin’ muthafuckas” that plagues ICP’s catalogue. And it’s refreshing, honestly. Other reviewers called it a desperate attempt at radio play, but fuck it, I’d rather have something as otherwise inoffensive as this as opposed to the cynical, hackneyed bullshit that’s all but rendered modern radio obsolete.

So good on you, Insane Clown Posse. You’re still absolute fucking shit, but at least you have one good song I can listen to without falling into a laughing fit over how terrible it is (see example: Bugz On My Nutz).

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