Make Me The New Sonic


Earlier in the week, the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account made a stupid fucking asinine ass joke that was not only completely unfunny and lacking in originality, but was also pretty fucking transphobic. Naturally, Gamergaters and other assorted dickheads have been rallying around the uncreative asshole who made this tweet.

I’m making this post in the vain hope that somebody at SEGA will read it. Hopefully, the rest of you reading can help spread the word about what I want to do.

I want to be the new Sonic Tweeter.

Yes, you can continue to use some meme-loving chucklefuck who thinks that 4chan references from 2010 are the absolute height of comedy. You know, if you also don’t mind continually being referred to as being “obsolete” and “out of touch” by the mainstream games media. Or, you can bring me on board, someone has literally made Sonic look good:

Your fucking call, SEGA. If you’re smart, and you still have thatĀ genius everyone else thinks you lost, you’ll make the right one.

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