The Art of Playing Vid Cons #1

One of my most memorable moments in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair involved playing a round with five pubbies. From the moment the stage began, one player in particular, playing as Jonathan, began ranting over his headset about how “faggy” the characters all looked. This is of course referring to Ayami Kojima’s androgynous art style. This rant went on over the course of the entire level, which takes roughly ten minutes to complete if you’re rushing through as quickly as possible.

About halfway through this whole, “These characters look soooooo GAY! Ha ha *SNORT*” tangent, I simply plugged in my iPod and began streaming Buffalo Daughter’s discography to drown out the stupidity and homophobia. “Beautiful You” is a far better alternative.

I asked myself (I couldn’t find my headset, so I couldn’t exactly ask him) why on Earth someone would buy a game with an art direction they hate oh so much. An art direction that’s been prevalent since 1997, no less. I realized that I would never have an answer that could possibly satisfy me.

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