Abstract Experimentation

Hello, everyone. Here’s another Patreon post now available to the public.

Confession: It should be pretty obvious that I used digital tools to make these pieces. I don’t really have the money or the proper space to make this sort of thing on a physical level like I used to. My apartment is nothing but porcelain white walls, and I rent. Not about to slosh paint around willy-nilly. ¬†Even though my method for making this stuff is the same, and the end result is more-or-less equal (though digital stuff isn’t limited by gravity and drying paint), I do admit I don’t feel like I’m “doing it right,” even though that’s a pretty stupid thing to think.

Anyways. I approach this sort of thing the same way a fighter works over a punching bag. Just spraying the paint around, getting anger and frustration out all over the canvas. A cathartic exercise that other people might also get something out of almost or as much as I did. And that’s pretty much it: relieving stress in a productive way.

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