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I have this habit of starting up projects, talking about them and posting their progress on Twitter or something,┬áthen being silent about them for a while. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m just starting up shit and not finishing it via an ADD-fueled handicap, so I’m doing a little “shit I’m doing” post to let you all know what’s up.

Shadowrun Campaign (unnamed for now)

I’ve wanted to do something for Shadowrun because

  1. The games are fucking great
  2. I found out that William Gibson, more or less the father of Cyberpunk, is as good at writing as he is at being a total dumbass online complaining about millennials, Bernie Sanders, and trans people, and so I wanted to do my part in bringing Cyberpunk back to the marginalized.

The problem with working with the Shadowrun Content Generator is that I have to simultaneously learn how the thing works while trying to work within its limitations. Like Sword of Moonlight, the documentation is either non-existent or completely unhelpful. This has obviously put a damper on getting things done.

A Zine!

I want to do a digital zine because I have not yet completed my journey into becoming a complete and total pretentious trans stereotype. Got a lot of shit I want get off my chest, but in a format that (conceivably) a lot of people will see.

More Twine Shit

People really liked Emergence and NIGHTMARE JOURNAL. Right now, I’m just scribbling a few notes here and there, to see if I can make them into a complete thing.

DOOM Builder

DOOM is like one of the greatest games ever, and I want to make something in it. A level, a small mod, anything really. This has been pretty low priority though, while I work on all these other things, in addition to the art and stuff I make every week.

Outer Space

I’ve also wanted to have a reason to update this blog more often, and I thought that doing what I used to do with Hakuna Matata, but with the game Noctis (or, with my recent purchase of a PS4, No Man’s Sky could also work) would be a good idea. Not really sure how I want to tackle it, though. Do I want to post some screencaps and say, “here’s some shit I found,” or do I want to put together an actual narrative, and make it its own story?

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