I’ve been very negative on here lately. In fairness, it’s pretty easy to be, but still. Trying to work on not letting myself lose control and let bad shit take over my mind all the time. So I thought I’d make some small, harmless blog posts and hope that it helps.

I’m sick with a cold, so I’m trying to stay off my feet as much as I can and play some Bloodborne. I’ve also been using the PS4’s Spotify app to load up random playlists while I hunt monsters. Yesterday landed on “Teen Party,” so I spent a good couple of hours fighting Amygdala and Rom, the Vacuous Spider listening to painfully inoffensive music aimed at the kids. Today was “Bring Back The 90’s.” Bloodborne is surprisingly a lot more fun when you’re ironically singing along to Third Eye Blind or Lit as you fight against cosmic horrors. I need my college rock with lead singers who have faces that say “hit me, it will save us both time” in all of my video games.

At some point, I’ll have to site down and elaborate on why I keep saying that Bloodborne is “the tranniest game to ever tran.” It’s only kind of ironic.

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