I’ve spent this past week fucking around in Bloodborne and binge-watching Game Center CX, while struggling with art stuff. There are a couple of pieces done, but I’ve been too nervous to upload them. The reason being is that I feel like I’m becoming complacent; that if you’ve seen one work of mine, you’ve seen all of it. It’s a worrying thing. “Oh great, Ramona’s posted another abstract thing with blood and Sailor Moon in it. Yawn.” Hopefully I’ll either get over it or make something unique, I don’t know.

I finally got my hands on Bloodborne’s “Old Hunters” DLC. It was a really bad idea to have my first run of it be in New Game+. The difficulty is extremely fucking tough. Like, I’m one-shotting Rom, The Vacuous Spider, but then Lady Maria tears me a new one for about an hour. At least I have the Moonlight Sword, so I’m happy about that.

One more thing: I’ve been really shitty about posting my “games” on here, so I’m going to link to my Itch.io page, where you can look at them. I’d like to have another game up at some point, but uhhhhhhhhhh.

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