Cultural Confessions #2

Back in 2000, I had received the new WWF Smackdown (Smackdown 2) for Christmas. As the young, rabid wrestling fans my friends and I were, we had spent many hours creating absolute monstrosities in the Create a Wrestler mode and throwing said creations off of twenty foot ladders and fifteen foot high steel cages and fighting it out in the old WWF New York theme restaurant. We kept at it, despite the fact that the game really had no depth beyond “WHOA DUDE LOOK AT ALL THIS CRAZY SHIT YOU CAN DO IT’S TIGHT!” Then when the time finally came around to the Create a Pay Per View mode, I went in and put together the best card a trio of nutjob teenagers had ever seen.

Now, as a (debatable) creative adult nowadays, you might think I put all of my efforts into coming up with a witty or at the very least intimidating name for the event back then.


I called it, “Asskick 2000.”

In my defense, this was eleven years ago. I would have been at the perfect age group to find something like this funny.

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