The fun of Google+

I’m on Google+, the barren plain that it is. Aside from exactly one friend of mine, I’ve gone ahead and added a couple of celebrities and fan pages to my news feed in some attempt to bring life to my page and justify the fact that I still have a Google+ account. Two of these newly added pages belong to Lady Gaga and World Wrestling Entertainment (thanks to CM Punk being awesome, wrestling is actually a thing worth watching again), both of whom are loaded with fans leaving their wonderful, concise, well-written comments:

Big show is a big dumb dumb!


no he iz not he is rubbish john vena iz the best

Daniel brayian is using Aj for his money he is not the right guy, for you AJ remember yesterday you where standing when daniel was sitting. You where the who supose to sit down


why can’t eve get a life. i mean, can she get her own boyfriend instead. i think that she’s using zack ryder as a mentor, or as a servant
just watch and see.

He’s a terrible in ring performer and even more AWWWWFFFFUUUULLLLL on the mic. Send this punk ass bitch Miztake back to The Real World where he belongs. Better yet, put him on some trashy MTV spinoff of Jersey Shore with that whore Snooki or something. It’d be perfect for that waste of space that’s polluting WWE and it’s storylines.

Yello?!!!!!!!! did not know you were here well I love your work p.s. puppy photo is for privacy p.s.s i love puppies.

Stop overworkin uurself girl im with black johnny n3 he is infatuated with my daughter what kinda losers roop ub op yeah ur 25 too well write him he has a pon box if ub known where he lives that is

… once a ham, always a ham. I know I still am, just not as good as you are at it. I think you are a teriffic person. Don’t ever stop being you!!

Now, it’s that appropriate language young lady? Back in my day, we didn’t curse in public. Call it old fashioned, we just called it manners. But we did have a lot of civil freedom issues. Love what your doing Lady. That’s funny, back in my day we had those too. Looks like we still do. Keep up the good work, just watch your language young lady.

I have to say, I really didnt give u much thought lady gaga. I put u into a catagory I call freaks because of your outlandish behavior. i figured that u sold your soul to the devil like all the other “rockers”. And u may have I dont know. I know that it can and has been done by many before u since u and after you. But I watched your HBO special , Monster Ball. You can sing, and beautifully . Sooo much talent that u dont need all this devil worshipping persona you give off. Why dont you just do as your song and just be you? Why do you think this outlandish behavior is what you need to make it? You say and know God loves you but u disrespect him throught the whole concert. Loose all the craziness and be as God would want u and you with that beautiful powerhouse voice will be even bigger than you are. Influence the kids and others that follow you into the right direction. I am a fan now as like i said before but its this persona that makes others afraid of you and the power u have over their children and families… just my opinion. Do go the route of elvis mcbain marilyn monroe and others whose flame has died out before their time because they mock God and abuse the talent he really did bless u with!

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