Dream Journal: June 5, 2012

My friend Lindsay and I are on our way to an art exhibition. She’s an artist hoping to get her work put on display and I’m there as her moral support. We stop for drinks on our way there, during which I take the time to look at her drawings. They’re all plagiarized; each and every one is a poorly-printed out concept drawing of various monsters that appeared in several different video games I played as a kid. I don’t take her to task for this. Rather, I begin complaining about how the fight with the Centipede Demon (who appeared in one of the drawings) in Dark Souls was total bullshit.

My dog meets up with us at this bar we’re at. The two of us begin playing with her and having such a good time, we forget about the art exhibition.

Then my mother shows up. She keeps looking around and repeating the same thing to everyone she sees: “Jeremy! Look much you’ve grown! You’ve gotten so big!”

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