Dream Journal: August 9, 2012

I’m waiting in line at the movie theater, excited to see this new unnamed megahit. It was a horrible affair involving people subjected to experiments that left them completely mutated. Not mutated in the sense of something like the X-Men, but instead people who had freakishly deformed limbs and faces and at least one of them constantly puking until he died. Naturally, I’m sitting back riffing on the whole thing with lame puns and terrible one-liners for my own enjoyment.

I turn to my right and notice an old friend of mine sitting next to me. In the real world, she left the state after getting married and I never saw or heard from her again. That was at least three years ago. Here in the dream world, though, she’s laughing at my shitty jokes and asking me about the current course of my life. I begin to answer her, until I notice that she’s wearing a CM Punk t-shirt. When I see this, I change the subject and ask her what her favorite CM Punk moment was. She keeps avoiding the subject.

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