Yoshitatsu Saito


From Wikipedia:

Saitō Yoshitatsu (斎藤 義龍?, July 8, 1527 – June 23, 1561) was a Japanese daimyo of the Sengoku period. He was the second generation lord of the Saitō clan.

Yoshiatsu was born in Mino Province in 1527, the eldest son of Saitō Dōsan.[1] Some theorize that Yoshitatsu was in fact the son of Toki Yorinari, the former ruler of Mino. Whether true or not, this helped bring former retainers of the Toki clan into the Saitō clan’s service.
Yoshitatsu declared rebellion against his father in an attempt to obtain control. Decisively defeating his father at the Battle of Nagaragawa in 1556, Yoshitatsu wiped out any opposition within the clan and declared himself as Second Head of Saitō.

It feels really weird to apparently know more about Japanese history than an actual Japanese person.

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