Dream Journal: XXX XXth, 20XX (Again)

Had a dream last night where I was going to buy a copy of Dark Souls at the local Target. As I was on my way to the checkout line, I ran into the girls from Reviving Cecilia. Literally. They were carting around giant, cartoonish crates full of comically oversized furniture on massively oversized flatbeds and they collided into me with these flatbeds, sending all of my possessions (my phone and my wallet and my copy of Dark Souls) flying everywhere.

While I’m scrambling to pick up pieces of my phone and making sure all of my money is in place, some jerk-off runs by and snags my video game. This means I have to go back and grab another copy. And as soon as I do, I get hit with another giant box, which scatters all of my things around again. Then another person takes my copy of Dark Souls before I can get to it. This process repeats at least two more times before the kid behind the counter tells me that they’re all sold out.

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