goodbye to tumblr

Tumblr announced this morning that as of December 17th, all “adult content” will be banned from its site, and that adult oriented sites will most likely be taken down. Despite having about eight years worth of porn reblogs, ironic shock images and girls with their boners hanging out, I still sincerely doubt that I’ll be hit. In all honesty, I’m sure that the 17th will hit, a handful of places I follow will be shut down, and nothing else. But I’m still saying goodbye to Tumblr for reasons of principle. This isn’t about me scrolling down my dashboard and getting my rocks off to some awesome porn. It’s about Tumblr’s language; the targeting of “female-presenting nipples.” The fuck does that mean? The targeting of sex workers. The fact that its anti-porn algorithm is already an absolute joke that has, and will continue to, target non-sexual LGBT blogs, in a time where queer people (especially young ones) are already losing more and more online spaces.

There’s also the fact that, despite having a nice enough following on there from years of making video game gifs, it is a terrible place to promote my work. And as bad and soul-crushing and fascist-enabling as Twitter is, I still sort of need it to let people know that I create things. So in light of all this, Tumblr ends up becoming an acceptable loss.

And while Tumblr was a terribly coded, terribly managed website with bad design that gave birth to the “callout culture” that is currently blacklisting and shunning about a million trans women on Twitter for the crimes of “liking things” or “being a follower of a follower of a follower of a follower of someone who sucks,” it had its good points. So I’m going to reminisce about them.

  • It was, and to a much smaller extent, still is, a great place to find artists. Especially artists in Japan, as prior to hashtags becoming so prevalent, finding artists in other countries with a language barrier was much more difficult. And as I’ve said on multiple occasions, my biggest influences in the art world come from Japan.
  • That time I was a moderator for the fuckyeah1990s tinychat. A lot of fun nights with people around my age, watching, listening to, and remembering things from our childhoods. Also banning people who kept showing their dicks on their webcams. Haven’t spoken to any of those people in at least a few years. Hope they’re all doing well.
  • Meeting a lot of cool people. Despite Tumblr’s impersonal style of posting an image and shutting the fuck up, I managed to make connections and friendships with some nice folks. Hell, it even got me started on the path of “working on games and actually finishing them” when my King’s Field posts caught the attention of the Moonlit Corpse director (ironically, a game that was never finished).
  • The porn.
  • Getting exposed to new games, new music, new experiences that I wasn’t getting much of before.

So it’s kind of a bittersweet moment that it’s (most likely) going to die and I’m taking off. Like the main character of a sitcom turning off the lights at the end of the final episode. I’m sure I’ll feel the same when Twitter finally dies, despite that site ruining my life. There were good memories underneath all the bullshit. And even if the site still remains as a shambling corpse of what it once was, it is still the end of an era.

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