Yharnam's Healing Church is the central figure to the problems currently facing the city, and potentially the world. The Church (or as they were known then, a group of Byrgenwerth scholars) discovered the ruins of the long-lost Ptumerian race. They made contact with Ebrietas, the god left behind on Earth, revealing the Eldritch truth to humanity. They also discovered the power of Ptumerian blood that provided both a destructive element to their weaponry, and the ability to cure seemingly any sickness.

In their quest for knowledge and power, the Healing Church also damned Yharnam. The blood they introduced may cure any illness, but at the cost of transforming people into the Beasts. The Great Ones that the Church made contact with cursed Yharnam with the hunt and the endless night. They turned everything into a garbage fire.

The reason the Healing Church gained their power was through the blood. The lower section of Yharnam, Old Yharnam, was hit with a plague called "Ashen Blood." As the population dwindled and suffered, the Church arrived with their knowledge of blood transfusions and saved the day. Kind of.

Thanks to item descriptions and thematic level design, we can gather some things. The antidote item you use to recover from poison is the same as the one that cured Ashen Blood. Poison Knives, an attack item that can be used to, you guess it, poison enemies, is said to be a signature of the Healing Church hunters. A dam holding Old Yharnam's water supply has an open top, where you can pour anything in without any resistance. It's never explicitly stated, but you can tell it's heavily implied that the Healing Church poisoned Old Yharnam, causing the people to be afflicted with Ashen Blood, then came in like heroes with their curative Ptumerian blood, saving everyone. Yes, they actually created a false flag operation.

Originally, this piece was going to draw a parallel between Ashen Blood being a man-made disease, and gender dysphoria being a societal construct that's treated like a disease. Something of a continuation of what I had said about becoming a target to be hunted down so the ruling class can avoid the blame.

But, in light of recent events, that's not a good enough piece.

Back in 1933, the Nazi party had attacked and taken over the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft. This was an institute dedicated to sexology, and one of the biggest, if not the biggest, gathering of knowledge on the subjects of homosexuality and transgender people. In fact, the term "transsexual" was coined here. When it was attacked, the extensive knowledge, the journals and books written on these subjects, was thrown into a pile on the streets, and set on fire. This was central to the infamous "Book Burnings" that would eventually lead into the Holocaust.

Now, I'll be walking a very thin line on this one. I want to be able to cover a major part of trans history without pulling an "All Lives Matter" and downplaying the oppression of other groups targeted by the Nazis, especially the persecution of Jewish people. I also don't want to downplay the impact of the Holocaust by likening the book burnings to something that happened in a video game. See, Bloodborne is a work of fiction. It's not real. But what the Nazis have done, and continue to do to this day, is real. It's very real. The Holocaust is an event that has and will continue to impact humanity, possibly for the rest of time. But, as this is a series on the similarities between Bloodborne and being transgender, I do feel that it's important to include this.

As the blood takes over, and turns the people of Old Yharnam into beasts, the Healing Church makes the decision; burn everything. Destroy the evidence. Nobody else can ever know the truth of what happened here. The Church's blood transfusions turning people into monsters would cause panic in the rest of Yharnam. They were only monsters, anyway.

The fires still burn when you arrive in Old Yharnam. Bodies are strapped to makeshift crucifixes. The beasts that remain hide in buildings or under the cover of smoke. It's one of the few (if only) times that you are made out to be the predator, and not the other way around.

There is also a hidden building full of destroyed books and lab equipment. This was a place afflicted by a plague that targeted the blood. It can be assumed that there was at least some research done on blood, and research on the people of Old Yharnam.  The only remaining traces of pre-hunt life in Old Yharnam is one untouched notebook by a hunter who helped burn down the town, and a retired hunter who protects the town from invaders with a massive mounted gatling gun, who will tell you that "they're not beasts, they're people."

The research building in Old Yharnam is lost. There are others throughout the game. Byrgenwerth, the Lecture Hall in the Nightmare Realm, and the Research Hall, to name a few. Not a single one of these has made any attempt at researching the Ptumerian blood. They are only focused on making contact with the Great Ones. The lab containers are full of eyeballs to help gain insight, and notebooks that theorize how to speak with the Great Ones.

Nothing about how to help those tainted by the blood they introduced to the world. How to help, or even how to hurt with the blood. The blood knowledge that was most likely researched in Old Yharnam is gone, and nobody cares.

The Institut für Sexualwissenschaft had thirty years of queer knowledge in its quarters. It's gone. All that exists are a couple of photographs and some oral history. Hate destroyed our history. Hate continues to destroy our history.

You look at all the gross misinformation about transgender or non-binary individuals that exists today; that exists right now. It's clear that, again, nobody cares for this lost knowledge. The people in charge want us to be a distant memory. They have no problem encouraging the hate in average, everyday people that causes them to commit violence against transgender people. While one world is fiction and one is reality, the Healing Church and the White House have one thing in common: damning the world in their quest for power. Both are full of evil men who wish to become God.

And unfortunately, those men in the real world will never meet the monstrous ends that the members of the Healing Church did.