You've killed Aldrich. He is dead, you have acquired his soul, and you will soon deliver it to Firelink Shrine, taking you one step closer to linking the fire.

Gwyndolin is dead, too, of course. This is Dark Souls, after all, where there is no such thing as a happy ending.

Dark Souls III takes on something of a memorial tone in regards to her. Even though Anor Londo's royal family have long since died off, this game introduces a previously unknown, unmentioned sister, Yorshka. Yorshka is left in charge of Gwyndolin's Darkmoon Blades, the army of assassins tasked with protecting Anor Londo and the Painted World of Ariamis.

Like in Dark Souls I, you can join the Darkmoon Blades (following a series of slightly complicated, obtuse steps). By defeating other players online, you collect an item called a Proof of a Concord Kept. Basically, you kill players who invade other players, cut off their ears, and deliver them to Yorshka. Delivering thirty of these causes you to raise your title within the ranks of the Blades. In doing this, you will also get new lines of dialogue from Yorshka.

The Darkmoon Knights were once led by my elder brother, the Dark Sun Gwyndolin.

But he was stricken by illness, and leadership of the knights fell to me.

Then Sulyvahn wrongfully proclaimed himself Pontiff, and took me prisoner.

Oh where could my dear brother be?

If only he were here, I would be most pleased for ye both to meet.

As, most assuredly, would he.

Both Yorshka and the in-game descriptions of anything involving Gwyndolin are very adamant in their use of the title Dark Sun Gwyndolin. Very adamant in using the description, "My Brother". My Brother, Dark Sun Gwyndolin.

"Dark Sun" is a title that Gwyndolin herself used only once (as in actually saying, "I am Dark Sun Gwyndolin") in the original Dark Souls (fight her after breaking the illusiory Gwynevere). It's treated like a deadname, something that she herself barely used, but everyone else was sure to mention when talking about her. Yorshka's dialogue and From Software's item descriptions ensure that you know that Gwyndolin is a man. Gwyndolin is the Dark Sun. Gwyndolin is the Dark Son.

Gwyndolin is dead. She was killed in an undignified way; eaten by a cannibalistic blob while she suffered from a debilitating illness, her corpse propped up like a puppet all the while. In death, she will be remembered as a sickly boy, not the powerful matriarch who commanded an army. Her family, or what's left of it, wants you to remember Gwyndolin as the man they wanted her to be, not the woman shaped by the power of the moon.

Or, I guess, all those "trap ahead" signs in front of her chambers (reminder to cis people: it's only funny when we do it).

It's hard not to be reminded of all the trans kids who have been killed, whether due to their hand being forced or otherwise, and have had their memories desecrated in death. I'll be using Leelah Alcorn as an example, as her death was fairly recent, and is a name more familiar to people not 100% steeped in LGBT issues. A young girl, whose identity was not accepted by her family, and was treated horrifically as a result. Then, one day, she threw herself into highway traffic and was fatally hit by a truck. A sad, tragic end. Being killed by a random truck passing by is, again, not a particularly dignified end (assuming that concept of a "glamourous" suicide even exists (it doesn't)).

After her death, her family went out of their way to memorialize her as their son. Using only her deadname,. Getting her blog deleted. Not letting her friends attend the funeral. Literally telling the media, "He was an amazing boy." They showed no guilt, no remorse for what they had done. As far as they were concerned, they had done nothing wrong; their "son" had the problem, and now that they controlled the narrative, people were going to remember Leelah as their son, who they loved dearly. Not the daughter they thought was the product of Satanism.

But, despite the efforts of her parents and society, her memory still lives on, and is honored with the respect that it deserves. Several mirrors to her Tumblr blog have been made. Charities have been created in her name. And the stretch of highway where she died has a permanent dedication in her honor. These are things that, no matter what Leelah's family or the world want, can never be taken away.

Her name, and her memory, will live on.

Getting back to the fight with Aldrich. We see the murky, opaque slime; the rotted flesh and bones that make up what has become of his body. We can see the hundreds, if not thousands, of people that he has consumed in his quest for power.

And yet, at the very top, we can see Gwyndolin: her body, her platinum hair, her crown, shining brightly above it all. Everyone's desire to suppress Gwyndolin's true identity failed. Despite her death, and the way that her body and her memory are and will be desecrated and disrespected, you, the Chosen Undead, know the truth. You'll be the one to carry on Gwyndolin's memory. Gwyndolin's real memory, not a tightly-controlled narrative. And nobody can ever take that away from her.