thunder force is a top-down shooter by kotori yoshimura. aside from being the beginning of an awesome series, the original game included (in some releases) a level editor. given that this was the early-mid 80's, this was a really innovative thing.

also, and what's important for me and for this site, yoshimura is a trans woman. so, in an attempt to try and keep her legacy alive, i acquired a rom of thunder force construction kit, and am currently trying to allow users to save and share the levels that they make. unfortunately, online resources for the pc-88 that are either in a language i understand, or don't lead to dead links, are very, very scarce. this is what's stopping me from being able to finish.

however, when i do, please watch this space!

in the meantime, here's a link to the PC-88 rom, a link to the FM-7 rom, a link to the sharp X1 rom.

and here are links to the PC-88 emulator, FM-7 emulator, and X1 emulator.

TO ACTUALLY GET INTO THE LEVEL EDITOR: press shift+1 (the number 1, not f1) at the title screen