Music Compilation for August 2013

Since I’ve been using this old relic of a PC from ’06, I’ve also been getting back into older games that I can’t run on a modern day OS. One of these games is called Noctis. You fly around outer space, finding undiscovered planets, exploring said planets, then going back onto your ship and giving the planet a name and maybe jotting down a brief description of it. It’s actually very engaging.

SNAP0015 SNAP0033 SNAP0032 SNAP0037

The thing is, is that there’s no music. No sound effects either. This may be due to my DOS set up, or something in the game itself. Anyways. I like to play “mood” music while I play Noctis. Songs that are pretty calm, mellow; something that gives off that other-worldly vibe that comes with space exploration. And since Summer is now over, and it’s time for a new music compilation, I put together my unofficial Noctis soundtrack.

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