Review: Space Invaders 30th Anniversary Headphones (Taito/2008)


I love Space Invaders. Like, a lot. So I ordered a pair of these bad boys from an import retailer, alongside a copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Pro Evo 2009: Extremely Good Shit). Every morning, I would get to work and throw these on, listening to punk rock on my iPod (this was during my heavy punk phase, which led to the name of this site being what it is), temporarily drowning out the stress that my job brought me at that point; a heavy period of Office Politics Deluxe.

The sound on these headphones are actually really nice. They might not be on the level of something obscenely expensive, like a pair of Bose or Beats By Dre, maybe more along the lines of some moderately priced Sony’s ($30-50 range). Not something for a music snob, but definitely good enough for day-to-day use…

…is what I would say if the actual, physical construction were any good. This is what happened only a few weeks after purchase:


One of the earphones snapped off out of nowhere one day. My cell phone camera is terrible, but you can see the electrical tape I put in place to keep the broken earphone in place. Out of fear of breaking them even more, I quit using them right after. Which sucks, as they were pretty nice and got a few compliments directed my way.

Still better than Space Invaders Infinity Gene.

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