Dream Journal: September 17, 2013

My friend has invited me to his graduation. I’m assuming it’s a college graduation, as he never says what is it actually is. While I’m walking around checking out the building, I’m stopped by my high school Religious Studies teacher, who asks me, “Hey James, remember that time you got totally fucked up and came to my class half an hour late (this actually happened, by the way)?” I tell him I remember, to which he begins laughing. I become unnerved and begin walking away when he pulls out a small blue tube and asks, “do you want to check out my pog collection?”

Getting away from him, I run into one of my internet friends. She’s having trouble with a couple of shady looking graduation photographers taking pictures of her when she isn’t looking, then poorly and hastily photoshopping them onto pictures of nude centerfolds, which they pass around to guests at this event. I’m well beyond pissed off at this, and go to confront them. They mistake me for her boyfriend and begin yelling over my head to her, “Look at him! He’s going to beat you!” and “Think of all the good men you’ve friendzoned!” It’s all very embarrassing. I just throw my hands up and walk away; attacking them feels beneath me.

My dream ended with my two friends and I absolutely beatific about our run-in with the pathetic photographers. We completely forgot about the fake nude photos in the end.

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