Dead Island


Now look, developers of Dead Island, I wouldn’t want to tell you guys how to do your jobs or anything, but uhhhh it’s actually sort of really fucking gross and Offensive as Hell to bring up an outbreak of HIV and AIDS in a juvenile power fantasy where everyone is a zombie! All it does is make non-existent comparisons that don’t need to be made, especially considering the number of rancid motherfuckers in the gaming world who unironically believe that shit. Although considering that this is Dead Island, a game that shipped with a fake severed female torso and had a now-removed in-game ability called “Feminist Whore,” I shouldn’t be too surprised that the developers would have shitty opinions on other groups as well, and that maybe “not being bigoted assholes” might be too much to ask.

3 thoughts on “Dead Island”

  1. I never did catch the appeal of that game, myself. About an hour into it, I was already a bit bored. Seemed like an “all flash, no substance” type of situation.

  2. And there’s hardly any flash to it, either! It’s pretty mindboggling a game about a zombie outbreak on an island could be so boring and yet Dead Island exists. At least with like, Dead Rising, the combat was actually fun and stuff happened while you wandered around the mall. Also the hip-hop portion of its soundtrack was better than DI’s.

  3. Agreed. Most of the “flash” was all the hype and marketing surrounding its release at the time. Not to mention the torso bust, lolz.

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